03-05-2010 still in the groove... well, if you had to opportunity to read through the comments on "back in gear", you may see that one of you is quite hot... flaming hot, actually.. i'm not saying who.. but, you know who you are... i'll most likely finish out the series.. 'cuz it's what i have in the queue... and i'm going out of town for the next several days and not sure when/where i'll have the opportunity to get new material..blah..blah..blah... i know you all understand.. but, i'm going to say it anyway.. apologies if i didn't get to your pics yesterday.. once i settled in for a nice leisurely perusal, smugmug was in "read only" mode... argh. i think i was in the middle of making a comment when it did so... guess what today is...... friggas day!!!!! yay... or, friday, if you prefer... either way, it's a day to celebrate another fruitful work week coming to an end... make it a great day, y'all!!! - joda
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