06-15-2010: traveling hat... well, i'm off in about 15 minutes.. driving from texas to south carolina.. to see jessica graduate from boot camp... i'm so excited i didn't sleep much last night... thank you all for your well wishes over the past few months .. you've been there from the beginning... when i got a form letter... that's when i dropped off from smugmug in april.. coincidental, really... april is one of our busy seasons at work.. gearing up for state exams.. anyway, i saw this hat at target yesterday, while picking up last minute items for the trip, and thought.. hey, that looks like a great traveling hat... for those times when your hair freaks out.. well my hair is always freaking out... but, i thought it was neat, so i picked it up, as well... posting and commenting may be sporadic, but i know you all understand that.. have a fabulous tuesday!!! (yes, i did miss yesterday.. got off and running and completely forgot to post) - joda
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